Zoom Amanda Hinkelmann - Gabin-Gidyal, Bula - "Beginning Two"

Amanda Hinkelmann - Gabin-Gidyal, Bula - "Beginning Two"

93 x 63cm. Acrylic on canvas. Framed in oak.
"This artwork reflects great change within the chain of one's life. It depicts a continuation of people's lives despite hardship and maintains within the piece, chains that are not broken, despite the biggest of difficulties. Within the piece, there are sees. These seeds represent rejuvenation or new beginnings - seeds holding onto life, holding onto growth, holding onto change - and seeds that wait. Wait, for the right moment to bloom into what they really are. Above all, this piece is a reflection of growth. A piece about letting go of what is toxic in one's life, and moving forward to appreciate and care for only what serves you and those around you. Growth from adversity - growing into your best life, from the seed to the flower, and beginning again."