Sophie Mckinnon

Sophie is an emerging artist who works with acrylics to create individual and character-filled animal portraits and still lifes. Drawing on her life-long love of animals, Sophie imagines an identity for each of her subjects which she refers to whilst painting. Each animal brings a challenge of capturing this character through the texture and colour of their wool, fur or skin, which she does using a variety of brush strokes, fine detail and earthy tones. She prefers the simplicity of her backgrounds to allow the detail and intricacies of each animal to shine on the canvas. Sophie finds the most satisfying part is the eyes which are always the final piece of the puzzle and often finds it difficult to say goodbye after connecting with the animals as they have slowly come to life. Sophie began painting as a creative outlet after several years of corporate work followed by raising three young children. Once she picked up a paintbrush she felt like she’d “come home” and had uncovered an excitingly fulfilling new chapter in her life. She now paints daily from her home studio on Olivers Hill in Frankston South and she gets her creative inspiration from the beautiful flora, fauna, vistas and light she sees during her morning walks with her border collie along the beach and through local parklands.

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