Sammy Vella

From the moment I could hold a brush, I was splashing paint around, mixing colours and interested in everything art! After following my passion and graduating with an fine arts degree, I decided to settle down as close to the beach as possible with my partner and two kids. You can find me constantly down at my local beach with my two children, swimming, sketching or collecting bits of driftwood, flowers, or anything really that draws my eye. It goes without saying that the concept I have been investigating lately is water. Specifically noticing those currents, pulling and pushing the plants on the ocean floor. Through a variety of brushstroke, I try to create a sense of movement, flow and calmness within my work. A feeling that is emulated when I dive down into the ocean. You also probably noticed, if you already follow me on Instagram, I have no problem making a mess in my studio and my kids are usually not too far away!

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