Pi Williams

I started my creative journey in earnest after becoming a mother in 2015. From there, my journey in the world of textiles started a year later, when I first learnt how to weave. At the time, I wanted to make use of my ever-growing collection of wool, so I started to search for other ways to create with it. I came across punch needle embroidery and it was love at first sight! 
The key appeal of punch needling for me is that it is just like painting with wool. At that time I was already painting a great deal, so I thought this was another natural way to express my creativity. I would always visualise these early pieces as paintings before interpreting them into textiles.
Since then, I have brought in different combinations of materials such as leather, tulle and raffia and married them into the wool pieces. I was also lucky enough to learn how to dye my own wool from a local wool dyer down on the South Coast and have since started dying the linen backing material on some pieces. My work is a combination of techniques to create distinct, expressive, layered and textural features. My creative process involves gathering inspiration from the natural world with a strong emphasis on landscapes, corals and botanicals around my home on the NSW Central Coast. My pieces are not pre-drawn or stencilled, I prefer to let each piece of artwork guide me as I follow my intuition - I love watching the pieces evolve in this way!

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