Penny Verdich

Penny Verdich is a contemporary artist from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Inspiration for her abstract landscape paintings is taken from landscapes both close to home and further afield. Drawing and painting on location is central to Penny’s practice, providing the foundation for work completed in her home studio.  ‘I aim to create a feeling of place through colour, tone, line and shape, drawing the viewer into the work and offering them a sense of the landscape that has so stirred my imagination.’

She spent my professional life in the world of education but her interest in and love of art goes back as far as she can remember. Penny's abstract landscape paintings capture the energy and the beauty of the natural environment. Central to her practice is the creation of a sense of place through colour, tone, line and shape so that the viewer is drawn into the landscape. Penny is particularly drawn to vibrant colours but also uses a limited, more muted palette to create more subtlety and harmony in her work.

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