Kyah Wilson

While always passionate about art, even starting a degree in art studies during her youth, the Dubbo-based artist admits that raising five children put her artistic aspirations on the backburner. While traditionally focusing on abstracts, her experiments with livestock portraits and scenes are becoming increasingly popular. Described as contemporary rural, her works experiment in charcoal, oils, acrylics, aerosols and pastels, with animals the reoccurring motif in her work. Having reacquainted with her love of painting, Kyah is excited to see her style and subjects continue to evolve.
“Life got in the way and I didn’t pick up a paintbrush for 17 years, but after my last child started school I decided to grab the opportunity to create again...I’ve been very lucky since I’ve started painting again; I’ve had a strong start...I use gestured drips and weathered layers. I am always exploring a mélange of colours and I strive to impart a feeling of timelessness into my works...I have 12 cows peering at me all day through my studio window – they’re hilarious! I did have 100 in the paddock next door also so I was literally looking at cows all day. It only seemed natural to capture them through my art.”

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