Kelly Kondis

Landscapes and nature and free flowing abstracts are my usual subjects. I am a self-employed mother of 3, a passionate renovator, a short-stay host and a creative spirit.

I am a self-taught artist, living between the Dandenong Ranges and the Mornington Peninsula and I am never wanting for inspiration. The misty mountains with their towering mountain ash, the rolling hills with verdant motivation, and the big peninsula skies and everchanging palette are always at the forefront of my creations.

Victorian born and bred and currently working from my studio in Sherbrooke I depict my beautiful local areas, landscapes from other's inspired locations and also places that are purely shaped from my imagination.

Slightly impressionistic, tonal and occasionally intangible, my artworks tend to have both detailed and blurred windows.

More and more I find myself in my light filled studio where painting allows me to remain positive and mindful. I hope my pieces can transport the viewer to a place of introspective and inspired reflection.

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