Jo Tilker

Sydney born and raised, I have loved art and all things creative since I was a child, however it wasn’t until I returned from a brief stint overseas that I was inspired to paint again. Once I started, it was like opening floodgates. I couldn’t stop painting in every spare moment that I had. I like to experiment with different colour and pattern compositions to create snapshots of a moment through still life. Playing with these elements, and with light, shadow and different subjects, I hope to evoke memories of these moments: a hot summer’s day, fading light on an autumn afternoon or spring in full bloom. These are the quiet moments that we so quickly forget in our busy lives, but moments that we need for introspection and to recharge. My work is very loosely influenced by Impressionist and Fauvist still life, while also incorporating native Australian flora and the bright colours and lifestyle of Sydney.  

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