Jennifer Prior

 I am a visual artist residing at The Basin, the edge of the Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne. It was in my mid-teens that I decided I wanted to be an artist and was motivated by my late grandfathers landscape paintings. Lucky for me, I inherited some of his art supplies and equipment which I still cherish.

I eventually obtained formal qualifications in art and continued creating for myself. For a decade, my energies were redirected to another passion, working and studying wildlife conservation, but I have now returned to art to follow my dream. I  paint from my studio, garden and sometimes immersed in the bush, or coastal settings. Painting, drawing and photography feed into my practise. I find myself inspired by nature and drawn to the moods and transitory elements of land, sky and sea.  My current landscape oil paintings seek to capture soft atmospheric light, movement and evocative dream like qualities.


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