Hilary Sims

"I’m an emerging Artist living in the Blue Mountains with the Bush at my doorstep. I paint intuitively and use my imagination to produce my colourful work. My style consists of researching the land and historical facts including Indigenous culture, lots of colour, patterns and texture. I want to evoke emotions of excitement and curiosity to the viewer. My paintings are fun, cheerful and take the viewer to a Magical place. When I paint I'm transported back to my childhood days of my of summer holidays, horse riding, ice skating, ice cream and lollies, tree houses, home cooked meals, outdoor games with my siblings, riding my bike, swimming and lazy days dreaming of having my own horse. I paint landscape from the Mountains and also love trekking off to regional places. It’s very important for me to connect with the viewer as we have had recent Bush fires/droughts. I want to give people hope and comfort with my work."

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