Fleur Stevenson

Fleur Stevenson is an emerging artist, originating from New Zealand now based in her home studio in Sydney. Fleur draws the inspiration for her work from textures and forms found in nature of the landscapes she visits. Working with acrylic and spray paint predominantly on board, Fleur’s paintings explore the negative spaces between (permanent and temporary) objects found in nature. Areas of the abstracted landscape are both blurred and detailed, encouraging the viewer to move around the work and complete the narrative. Recent visits to Sofala and the Hawkesbury in NSW have inspired her latest collection of work – a series paintings, that play with pattern and repetition, balancing and unbalancing geometric shapes, contrasting and complementary colours, and creating depth and perspective by layering spray painted stencils (created from drawings en plein air) and acrylic paint. Working intuitively with a sense of curiosity, Fleur enjoys playing with process to create each individual artwork. Sometimes working through the idea directly on the surface and other times researching and constructing a composition study, before moving to the surface.

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