Emma Hercus

I live by the sea in New Zealand just North of Wellington, with my husband, 3 kids and dog. it's beautiful living by the ever changing ocean and the view from our home often inspires my paintings. We are also surrounded by native bush with lots of amazing birdlife, these birds and their antics influence the stories I tell. 

I like it when things don’t make sense completely, but make you smile. The kind of things you would think up when you were 8 years old and having one of those magic dreams that you don’t want to wake up from.

Birds have a beautiful freedom, combined with jaunty personalities. This draws me to paint them. New Zealand used to be a land bursting with birds. I want to celebrate those we still have and those which survive only in books and artworks.

The common thread throughout my work is that we need to take care of our place and its creatures. Pushing and pulling the paint, scratching and scraping it back and using layers of colour are the methods in which I tell stories.