Dominika Keller

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember but it was only in 2015 that circumstances allowed for me to focus on my art practice and I enrolled in botanical illustration classes at the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens.  Within a year, and at the suggestion of my amazing teacher Helen Burrows, I also began teaching both children and adults, botanical illustration and watercolour from my home studio in the beautiful Yarra Valley.  I was struck by the beauty in the simplicity of work produced by the children in my classes, particularly by my youngest students.  Their work inspired me to explore my favourite subject matter, botanicals and the beautiful objects in my home, in a freer and less perfectionist way than botanical illustration allowed.  Initially I was drawing and painting with watercolours, but I was also starting to think back to high school and my love of painting with acrylics. In early 2019, as if she had read my mind, my mum posted a set of quality acrylics from Poland. 


Without thinking too much about it I purchased a small canvas, set up a still life of books, and the cup of tea I was drinking, and set off to paint. I have not stopped from that day, except to experiment, refine and develop my style. Working from life and photos, my paintings are created using delicate but textured brushstrokes, and with a focus on perspective and the incredible shadows different objects form, as well as the way in which negative space effects composition.

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