Craig Mackie

I have been painting, illustrating, and cartooning for most of my life but got serious about it in 2008 when I left my job in the offset printing industry to focus solely on my art. I would describe my acrylic paintings as mostly realism, but with the occasional visit into surrealism. The subject matter which interests me are the buildings and landscapes in our everyday lives we give little notice to. I used to think I had to drive out to somewhere like Broken Hill to find landscapes worthy of putting onto a canvas, but now I know I can find enough beauty and strangeness by driving as far as Box Hill.

After finishing with Scoresby High School, I started an art course but learnt a lot more by watching my dad who worked as a technical illustrator. I was always impressed by the level of detail he included in his drawings and loved seeing him set up his easel (which I now use) to paint. I am self- taught but see every new painting as another lesson. My paintings have found homes through galleries, cafes, art shows and two solo exhibitions.