Christine Murphy

Imagenation is the work of ceramic artist Christine Murphy, who resides in rural New South Wales Australia.
"My ceramic practice is primarily seasonal with an emphasis on raw clay surfaces and finishes. Through the cooler half of the year, I focus on the practice of primitive firing techniques. During the warmer months, the work is centred on exploring different clay bodies and oxides to create relationships that enhance the natural beauty of the raw clay.
I work with a variety of techniques, wheel-thrown, slab formed, as well as hand-formed coil built. The hand-built pieces are conceived prior to cutting the initial slab of clay, however when working on the wheel I prefer to see what emerges, it is an intuitive process. The best of both worlds inspiration and deliberate creation.
A small range of work incorporates glazing, though the clay body is still the main focus and the glaze acts as an augmentation.
I draw inspiration from the textures, colours, organic marks that I observe in my natural environment; smudges in a cloudy sunrise, scorch marks left from bush fires, rock formations, bark surfaces, fungal and lichen formations, patterns formed in sandy dunes, astral formations, all weathered patinas created by the hand of nature."