Anne O'Sullivan

Anne’s artistic content hovers around the traditional trifecta of still life, portrait and
landscape and she is interested in experimenting with colour, light, texture and
luminosity. Being a working mother, much of her artwork narrates that experience.
As the daughter of a writer, she is quite at ease with the inclusion of story-telling in
her artwork. Some of her paintings are quite illustrative as she has been influenced
by the artwork in children’s storybooks. Anne’s mother was interested in the act of
child-rearing and housework being recognised as valuable work; not an invisible
duty performed magically without effort behind closed doors. In some respects, Anne
is carrying the torch for her mother as many of her artworks shine a spotlight on
women performing these unrecognised and undervalued menial tasks.
Contemporary women, mothers and carers seem to find Anne’s whimsical paintings
extremely relatable. Anne has had artwork shortlisted in various art prizes and
competitions such as the Flying Arts Regional Art Award in 2017. Her artwork can
be found at the University of Queensland, Toowoomba Base Hospital and in private
collections internationally and Australia wide.