Angela Hawkey

 "Art has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was first introduced to oil painting by my Grandfather, who was an extremely talented landscape artist. Growing up art is what gave me confidence, made me feel relaxed and challenged me at the same time, I guess that’s why I kept creating and still love it today. Artworks that uplift and make you happy are what we all need to be surrounded by. This influences my artwork and even when painting a dark or doomy painting I like it to also offer a glimpse of hope or light. I take a messy, unplanned and free flowing approach to my art. Even when starting with a subject or idea in mind, I freely deviate from the plan. I love the unexpected surprises and naturalness that comes from a relaxed style of painting. My paintings use an abundance of paint, I can’t have too much paint on the canvas.  Thick buttery paint layered on with a palette knife gives it that extra dimension. People often like to touch my art, and I love that. Colourful Australian Landscapes and highly textured still life paintings are a great love of mine but I am always trying new things which helps my style to keep evolving."

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