Zoom Amanda Hinkelmann - Mamandharra ‘Uncertain’

Amanda Hinkelmann - Mamandharra ‘Uncertain’


124 x 94cm. Acrylic and Polymer on canvas. Framed. 

'This artwork is a reflective piece and a piece paramount to change and transformation within my life.
Standing at cross-roads for quite some time and searching for signs, I was greeted for a few weeks by the same bird. Visiting daily, he would sit at the window and speak to me. He would move around my yard when I went outside. 
He was here to send a message - often that which we love the most, is pushed behind other, less important and less valuable things. He was here to tell me to allow these things to come forward. To be my focus. To allow that in which is the smaller pathway, travelled in the small moments of time, to become that in which is given intentional time. To take up space. To be me and enjoy what I love. All the time. Not just when there is a little time.'