Amanda Hinkelmann

My need to create is much deeper than a hobby, for me it is essential. Art is a way of living- a form in which to communicate, a therapy. I have an innate sense of fulfilment and emotional strength when I paint. Something I have searched for over years. Because of my Four came to fruition after painting with my sisters as a hobby and a way of keeping in touch. I named my business, “Because of my Four”, as it is because of my children that I am here today and living life. Their tiny little lives have given me so much strength and have unknowingly urged me on when I wasn’t able to keep going myself.
For so many years my creative energy has been poured into being a provider for my four children- whether it be through cooking, nesting or building our family home. As my children have grown, I have become supremely aware of how my actions and attitudes are shaping their lives. By investing time in my interests and role-modelling self-care and self-worth, they are able to see the importance of this for themselves. I don’t believe I will ever stop creating. I have so many projects, wishes, plans and adventures waiting in the pipeline to be explored. I am so lucky to have an amazing husband who walks through life as motivated as me to live life to its fullest extent.

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