Alice Tilley

Alice Tilley is an artist working from her studio on the edge of South Australia’s Barossa Valley drawing inspiration from her rural surroundings and the domestic experiences of everyday life. Alice produces predominately still life and landscape oil on canvas paintings. "My still life and landscape oil paintings are a quiet reflection of the essence and beauty of a moment or place.  In response to our fast paced and demanding world my art reflects my attempt to embrace a ‘slow’ lifestyle and appreciate the simple, yet good things in life. Through these values I hope that my paintings bring comfort and joy to viewers, forging a meaningful, genuine and timeless connection."

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Alicia Cornwell

Alicia is a Melbourne artist working out of her studio in a 100 year old home on top of a mountain in Olinda Victoria, Australia. 

Completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at Caulfield Institute of Technology (Monash University 1985) majoring in Printmaking and Painting with a Graduate Diploma in Art Education at Victoria College Burwood (1987). She now specialises in still life working with oils on stretched canvas.

Alicia spent many years working in the antiques and vintage industry for interior design with her own business before moving to painting full time. Now she enjoys incorporating this knowledge into her artworks - an amalgamation of natural forms against and with vintage design elements. Her works vary from bright and bold designs to softer pastels with strong lines and layerings of glaze with an eye for detail.

She has exhibited and sold her work throughout Australia and overseas and is represented by several galleries in Australia. 

Alicia's studio is surrounded by 100 year old gardens and the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens just a step away along with national parks and public gardens. From this she draws inspiration in both colour and form for her artworks. Seasonal changes are brought to the fullest where she lives so there is always much to choose from. 

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Allison Taplin

Born in Melbourne, and currently living in the Macedon Ranges region of Victoria Australia. Allison works full time as a registered nurse in a busy metropolitan hospital and paints in her spare time. "Painting was initially a bereavement therapy after the loss of my son and I now create in a small studio space – ‘Little Leif Studio’ – in his memory. The diverse Australian landscape is a constant source of inspiration – the big sky and land ever-changing with the weather and seasons. I am especially drawn to the rolling hills, wide open fields and tree-covered mountains of my surroundings."

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Alysha Sparks

"I’m a child of South Australia’s big-sky country, moulded by adventures around the globe. I’ve wandered far and came home to roost in my own little piece of this wide, wide world. For me, art is instinctive. It runs through my veins, into my very being. I live for the colours, textures, movement I see around me – fleeting moments captured forever by paint, brush and canvas. You might find me in my sunny little studio in Jamestown, in SA’s mid-north. Painting, creating, experimenting, failing, starting again, putting my soul on the canvas with every brushstroke, every frustration, every moment of joy. You might find me outside, sitting in the sunshine with a cup of tea, pottering in the garden. Chasing after my two busy, beautiful, boisterous boys, laying with them on the lawn and counting stars. Whispering to them that they can do whatever they dream of. Cherishing this life which lets me do what I love and spend more time with them while they are little. You might find me on the road, armed with my camera – heading to my family’s farm to capture life on the land as I know it, as I live it. Telling other stories of this wide, brown land with photos; always seeking, always finding inspiration. I am simply doing what I love, simply."

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Amanda Hinkelmann

My need to create is much deeper than a hobby, for me it is essential. Art is a way of living- a form in which to communicate, a therapy. I have an innate sense of fulfilment and emotional strength when I paint. Something I have searched for over years. Because of my Four came to fruition after painting with my sisters as a hobby and a way of keeping in touch. I named my business, “Because of my Four”, as it is because of my children that I am here today and living life. Their tiny little lives have given me so much strength and have unknowingly urged me on when I wasn’t able to keep going myself.
For so many years my creative energy has been poured into being a provider for my four children- whether it be through cooking, nesting or building our family home. As my children have grown, I have become supremely aware of how my actions and attitudes are shaping their lives. By investing time in my interests and role-modelling self-care and self-worth, they are able to see the importance of this for themselves. I don’t believe I will ever stop creating. I have so many projects, wishes, plans and adventures waiting in the pipeline to be explored. I am so lucky to have an amazing husband who walks through life as motivated as me to live life to its fullest extent.

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Amanda Ogilby

Amanda Ogilby is an emerging artist who works primarily in oils. She grew up influenced by the pastel and charcoal drawings of her artistic father. Amanda now paints fulltime in her home studio overlooking the bush, in Margaret River, Western Australia.

A representational painter, Amanda delights in the texture of oil paint and her ability to manipulate layers of colour in her art. She relishes this medium's qualities, slowly building up tone and form of the objects in her compositions. Through close observation, Amanda focuses on light, reflection and shadow and how they intermingle with objects and botanical influences.

Amanda's art is in response to her immediate surroundings and home. She seeks and finds inspiration from personal treasures, objects old and new each with stories and reminders of precious memories, the final composition often depicted with floral elements which strive to depict a sense of serenity and peace. 

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Angela Edwards

Angela lives rurally running a 4000-acre grazing property near Yetman NSW as well as her and her husband’s camping business on the river. She can often be found working on her verandah, surrounded by pets, birds and her beautiful garden and, within this space, she likes to just go with the flow and is never quite sure what is going to turn up! Her love of working with clay began around 10 years ago after completing a sculpting class, before studying art at TAFE and participating in many clay workshops to discover her own unique style. The techniques used to create her beautiful works include slab, coiling and wheel throwing and her style has a relaxed, rustic and organic feel with a rewarding focus on both functionality and beauty. Angela often works intuitively with the clay, not always having an outcome in mind but letting the clay piece evolve to take on its own form. “There is no better feeling than to take a lump of clay and through many processes, turn it into something functional and beautiful.” It is this unique style that has enabled Angela to have her works exhibited in Goondiwindi, Texas, Inverell, Moree, Taroom, and a number of local galleries and shops across Australia.

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Angela Hawkey

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Anna Egberts

I love to create colourful happiness! I live in Geelong in Victoria with my gorgeous little family and if you run into me in the street I often have an armful of flowers and a coffee in the other hand!

My artwork is inspired by colour and beautiful blooms and foliage. I absolutely love the way flowers grow and evolve and to capture that is always a challenge but very inspirational. Colour creates such happiness for me so I try to include lots of colour either bright or pastel so hopefully they also brighten up someones else’s life also.


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Anne O'Sullivan

When at school, anything creative would make Anne’s heart beat faster. She started off painting many years ago in response to difficult situations in her life. While some people paint their way into a corner, she paints her way out of one. Her content hovers around the traditional trifecta – still life, portrait and landscape. She is interested in experimenting with colour, light and luminosity. In the past, she has made forays into other Art media, but she always returns to painting. So far, no other Art media can beat that primal contact with a canvas. Anne has had artwork shortlisted in various art prizes and competitions such as the Flying Arts Regional Art Award in 2017. Her artwork can be found at the University of Queensland, Toowoomba Base Hospital and in private collections internationally and Australia wide.

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Bath and Body

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Bath Crystals

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Bespoke Letterpress Tea Towels


Illustrated by Hoglet and Co and printed on 100% Linen Tea Towel. Supplied folded with a gold foil printed removable bellyband.


100% Russian Flax Linen, printed in Australia.

Care instructions

Wash with similar colours. Machine wash in cool to warm water (30-40'c) with a mild detergent, no bleach. Best to hang to dry as linen dries quickly, which will reduce wrinkling or shrinkage.


50cm x 70cm

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Black Blaze

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Bright Threads

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Carolyne Hallum

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Claire McCall

A bold approach to painting makes my work distinctive. Abstract or impressionistic backgrounds applied with a palette knife are combined with realistic subjects detailed in textured brushstrokes.

My work captures everyday moments in time. Typically, a figure turned away from the viewer in a candid pose. The viewer is invited to complete the fill in the blanks about time, place, thoughts and emotion.

I believe the intelligence of a painting is in the lost and found edges. The interest lies within the range of values and textures, the drama of abstraction vs realism...and the magic is in the movement created by a confident stroke of the brush or palette knife.

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Di Crisp

I share a home on the South Coast of New South Wales with my husband Steve, various children and two little dogs.

I have been painting in oils for many years, always in response to the stage of my life and the environment around me. Having lived in Melbourne, Bondi, Kangaroo Valley and now here on the coast, my work has been varied and constantly evolving. Perhaps partly because of the changes that Covid had brought to all our lives I am finding a new freedom and a sense of exploration in my paintings. They have almost become a way of travelling and exploring by using my imagination, colour and space. Skies are bigger, colour is more vivid and stories are being expressed in the landscapes that develop on my easel.

The animal portraits that I enjoy painting in between are a way of bringing some discipline back to my work and some sense of tradition in the style. 

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Dominika Keller

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember but it was only in 2015 that circumstances allowed for me to focus on my art practice and I enrolled in botanical illustration classes at the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens.  Within a year, and at the suggestion of my amazing teacher Helen Burrows, I also began teaching both children and adults, botanical illustration and watercolour from my home studio in the beautiful Yarra Valley.  I was struck by the beauty in the simplicity of work produced by the children in my classes, particularly by my youngest students.  Their work inspired me to explore my favourite subject matter, botanicals and the beautiful objects in my home, in a freer and less perfectionist way than botanical illustration allowed.  Initially I was drawing and painting with watercolours, but I was also starting to think back to high school and my love of painting with acrylics. In early 2019, as if she had read my mind, my mum posted a set of quality acrylics from Poland. 


Without thinking too much about it I purchased a small canvas, set up a still life of books, and the cup of tea I was drinking, and set off to paint. I have not stopped from that day, except to experiment, refine and develop my style. Working from life and photos, my paintings are created using delicate but textured brushstrokes, and with a focus on perspective and the incredible shadows different objects form, as well as the way in which negative space effects composition.

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